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I don’t like kids.

I don’t like their crying or their whining or their love of running really close to the street.

Crying Baby. Nobody likes this. Admit it.

And yet, I can’t help but love them.  Once you put the crying and whatnot to one side, kids are usually really sweet and they are some of the funniest people around.  I think loving children is something that every human being can understand on some level because it is in our nature to want to create offspring and to protect them.

Which is why I cannot, for the love of god, understand why in the HELL anyone would put their own children in dangerous situations that are easily avoidable!

Take for instance when earlier this week I went out shopping with the BF.  We were walking back to our car and I glanced over to the car parked next to us and I saw a little girl sitting in the backseat.  She was about maybe 5.  I was mildly irritated by it since she was so young, but whatever.  Then I reached the passenger side door and saw this black shape in the backseat next to the little girl.  I already had a feeling as to what it was, but I still couldn’t believe it.  It was a fucking BABY!  Someone had left their little baby in the fucking car!

I have mixed feelings when it comes to leaving kids in the car.  Personally, I would leave my child in the car under three conditions: 1) They are old enough to scream, 2) They listen when I tell them to keep the fucking door locked and not to mess with the window, and 3) They are at least in their teens.  If one of those conditions are not met, I am dragging their butts around whether they like it or not.  Even if I didn’t have those kinds of conditions, I still think that NO ONE in their right mind should be leaving their little baby IN THEIR CAR.  I don’t give a shit if their other kid is there too.  I also don’t give a rat’s ass if your shopping trip will take 10 minutes.  You decided to have kids, you should start learning how to live life WITH kids.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, a couple of days later I saw another thing I absolutely could not believe.  I saw a woman who was heavily pregnant walking around with a suitcase while SMOKING.  In this day and age,  I thought people were smart enough to know about the simple equation called SMOKING=DEATH.  Apparently not.  There’s just no fucking words for this soon to be mother.  I also have no idea what in the hell she was doing because an hour later I saw her STILL walking and smoking!  Was she trying to force the baby out or something?  Did smoking suddenly become healthy for developing fetuses?  Argh, so irritating!

It is really hard to believe how many people there are out there who can’t have kids of their own and yet these idiots are blessed with them!  How hard is it to stop thinking about yourselves and instead focusing your attention on your children?  It really cannot be that difficult, can it?