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I’ll admit it.

I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of loving cute guys!  And handsome ones!  And charming ones!  And…well, the list can go on and on!

Recently, I came across this picture.

Within seconds, I was deep into Fangirl mode and scouring the internet for knowledge of the cute blue haired boy who is front and center.  At this point, I really didn’t care about his character or the story he was in.  I just wanted more pictures to ogle at that contained his adorable face!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that he is one of the main characters to a BASKETBALL manga of all things!  No, really, I was honestly shocked it was a basketball manga.  I mean, the numerous basketballs and jerseys in the picture were amazingly subtle!  How was I supposed to know?  His face was so damn distracting!

But the most surprising thing is…

I actually like it.

Hell, I might even say that I love it.

And it is a BASKETBALL manga!

As you probably might have already guessed, I hate sports.  In school, I hated PE with a passion.  It’s just really not my thing.  So why in the hell do I like this manga?!

Well, for starters, I guess I should give some info about this manga.  It’s called Kuroko no Basuke(Kuroko’s Basketball) and the blue haired guy happens to be this Kuroko.  It starts off with the beginning of the new school year at Seirin High School where students are recruiting freshman to join their clubs.  Out of the new freshman to join the basketball club, two stand out.  One is Taiga Kagami, a talented player recently returned from the States and the other is Tetsuya Kuroko, the “phantom” sixth player from the Generation of Miracles, a middle school basketball team who dominated the competition.

Now, the only other sports anime I am familiar with is Prince of Tennis, so I automatically compared it to that and in all honesty, it is a good way to describe exactly why I think Kuroko no Basuke is such a good manga.

If you’ve watched Prince of Tennis, then you know that Ryoma is a tennis prodigy.  He was already obscenely good from the start.  While he does grow and learn things along the way, he was always good.  In KnB however, this is not the case and that was shocking.  When I found out that Kuroko is this supposed “Phantom” player from something called the Generation of Miracles, I automatically assumed that he would be something fantastic.  Wow.  Wrong does not even begin to correctly define my thoughts.

Kuroko himself is, quite simply, horrible at basketball.  He can’t shoot, he can’t guard, he can’t even really dribble.  All he can really do is “misdirect” other players due to his lack of presence, which enables him to make unpredictable passes to other players on the team.  When I said that that was all he can do, that is really all he can do.  Unlike Ryoma, who shines on his own, Kuroko is a self-proclaimed ‘shadow.’  He is there to make the ‘light’ stronger and his chosen light is, of course, Taiga Kagami.  With just this one tiny detail, I was hooked.  Kuroko no Basuke isn’t a manga where the main character is overwhelmingly powerful from the start and goes on to make a name for himself.  It is a manga about a group of high school boys growing and learning and overcoming tremendous odds as a team right from the start.  That’s right, I said boyS.  KnB really focuses well on making sure that the reader knows that this is about a TEAM sport, not just talented individuals, and that really makes you want to cheer for them.  After reading KnB, I can now kind of better understand how it is that people can really come to love and admire a specific sports team!

Another thing I have to mention that drew me further into this manga was Kuroko himself.  Remember in the beginning when I called him cute?  Yeah well…he’s still cute, but…

This was the first time I saw him in the manga and he scared the shit out of me!  And it isn’t just me, he ends up scaring the shit out of pretty much everyone in the manga at one point or another due to his lack of presence.  He seemingly pops out of thin air and he has a usually emotionless face!  I haven’t found that in a main character in a manga in…well, ever, really.  It’s kind of nice in a…creepy “I’m going to kill you and you won’t even know it” kind of way.

So, here I am, about 2 days after this discovery and after having finished 129 chapters of the manga, and all I can think is bless cute guys because I probably never would have tried this manga otherwise!

EDIT…sort of:

If you’re like me and you are set to get email notifications when someone you follow makes a post and you got a notification for this post yesterday and it didn’t exist, sorry.  That was due to me spacing out and clicking publish instead of preview.  That led to me having a minor freak out about how to ‘take it back.’  Ah, the trials of the technologically inept.