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This post was actually inspired by the fact that simpleek nominated me for two different awards: The Liebster Blog Award and The Versatile Blogger Award!  I am honored and flattered to be nominated for these two awards and I would love to pass them on…but therein lies the problem.

See, I am assuming that when I pass these awards on to other bloggers, I can’t nominate the person who nominated me: simpleek.  Well, that really kind of sucks because if I can’t nominate simpleek, my list of people I would want to nominate just went from 2 bloggers to 1 blogger.  That blogger being soaringwings.  There’s also another blog I follow, but I would like to read more posts from them before I make any decisions.  So, at the end of the day, that would make it a whopping 3 blogs!  See my problem?  I DON’T READ ENOUGH GOOD ANIME/MANGA/VIDEO GAME BLOGS!!!

Now, it is most definitely not due to a lack of anime/manga/video game themed blogs.  Lord knows, there are a TON of them out there.  I just have problems with finding ones that I would actually be willing to read continuously.

In an effort to actually find more blogs to read, I somehow managed to find my way to this: The Aniblog Tourney.  Please don’t ask how I found it because I really don’t remember.  I did this while in the process of waking up and I am still amazed I was that coherent to pull it off.  Anyway, The Aniblog Tourney is pretty much just a bunch of anime and manga themed blogs battling it out to see who has the best blog of the bunch.  It also comes with a nifty little picture of the brackets and who is pitted against who.  Now, half asleep me decided it would be a good idea to go through EVERY. SINGLE. BLOG. on the tournament list.  Fucking god,this is why I should not meander away from the news sites and email when I am half asleep.  I tend to do shit that I would not dream of doing otherwise.

And maybe that is a good thing.

So far I have only conquered the blogs in the Green Bracket, but I have to say that those blogs alone gave me a good insight into what it is that I look for when it comes to choosing which blogs I want to follow.  I’m actually a lot pickier than I thought I would be.

1.  Got Episode by Episode Anime Reviews?  Bye!

This was the one that I already knew I had issues with.  It’s not that I hate episode reviews, I don’t.  I just hate it when that is all there is to a blog.  I enjoy spoilers, but not the in depth ones and if I wanted a summation of each episode, I go to Wikipedia.

2.  Just Reviews?  Give me more!

I also came across some blogs where every post ended with the word: Review.  At least these ones were for whole series rather than episodes.  I write reviews, but damn, I don’t want to be reading review after review after review where the most interesting thing about it is what number you gave it out of 10.  Seriously, 7.5 really was the most interesting thing about a post I read.

3.  Character

All of the blogs that I currently follow have this.  If I were to just get a post and have no idea where it came from, I could probably tell you whose blog it came from out of that list.  I am most attracted to blogs that contain posts that are both intelligent and well executed in explaining both the topic and the blogger’s viewpoint.  I like reading substance rather than just bland, mindless ‘I like this’ and ‘I like that’ and fangirl/boy drivel.  I know that I myself am not one to be talking since none of what I write can even compare to the stuff that I am reading, but it’s a learning experience and I learn something new, guaranteed, every time one of the bloggers I follow makes a post.

4.  Visuals

No pictures is not going to cut it for me.  I need some kind of visual whether it be pictures or scans or videos.  I need something.  If it doesn’t have something like that, the post itself has to be either pretty damn amazing or it has to be something where a visual really would not have fit.  This is one of the fastest ways for me to start deciding on whether or not I want to follow a blog.

5.  Layout

This is the last one and it is probably the weirdest one.  As long as I can read the blog without my eyes wanting to bleed, I am fine, but there is one particular layout that will make me REFUSE to read a blog.  This layout is the layout that one would find typically of a news blog or website, where it seems that everything is posted up moments after the information has been released.  I don’t know, but something about this type of thing just really rubs me the wrong way.  Thankfully, I have not yet encountered a blog with this layout that actually had fun stuff to read.

Oh well, while it is questionable as to whether or not I was in my right mind when I started this journey of going through all the blogs involved in the Aniblog Tourney, I am determined to finish it.  I’ve already found a couple of new blogs to follow through it and I am looking forward to what else I might find amongst the other contenders.

And…here’s something random because…I really need something other than words here and I could not think of a visual that would actually fit the post.  This is how my week was.