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This song was the trigger that led to my rapid, two day descent into the manga called Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) by Sakae Esuno.

When I first saw the word ‘Diary,’ I immediately thought “Oh no, another Death Note.  Great.”  Thankfully I was wrong.

Mirai Nikki is a story about a young, socially awkward boy named Yukiteru Amano.  He and 11 others are thrust into a game by the God of Time and Space aka Deus Ex Machina to battle it out so that the winner can take his place as God.  Each of them are equipped with a special ‘Future Diary’ that allows them to see future events.  Unfortunately, the only way to be the last man standing is to literally be the last man standing.  Luckily for Yukiteru, he has a protector in the shape of Yuno Gasai, his stalker and a Future Diary holder, who is willing to kill anyone who is a threat to her beloved Yukiteru.

Well, from here on out there will be many spoilers and probably some fan-girling so…read at your own risk!

To really get this started, I have to say that I have a ‘Love/I am so fucking creeped out by you!’ Relationship with Yuno!  It leans more to the love side but sometimes I just kind of sit there and think “Shit, she’s nuts.”  Ah well, here’s a clip from the anime that gives a…relatively good sense of Yuno’s character.  Oh, and that’s a mild, pretty sane Yuno.

Story-wise, I would be lying if I said that Mirai Nikki was a work of art.  It’s not.  The ‘story’ that is at the forefront, the actual ‘playing’ of the game, is really a case by case thing.  Kill one Future Diary holder, move on to the next one!  While I did like the other Future Diary holders, I would have liked to see more fluency between the killings rather than just reading how everyone is nice and attacking one at a time.  That shit just doesn’t happen.  The spin-off, Mirai Nikki Mosaic, helped a little.  It at least filled some of the plentiful gaps in this story.

Now, to what I consider the REAL story: Yuno Gasai.  Down the road, we find out that Yuno is actually from a parallel world where she won the game and became God.  She came to this world and killed the Yuno of this world so that she could be with this world’s Yukiteru, who she failed to revive in her world.  All throughout the manga, she spouts that she would die for Yukiteru so that he can become God, but she carries with her always the knowledge that Yukiteru’s wish, to bring back all those who died, can never be fulfilled.  With just Yukiteru and Yuno left as the world’s crumbling, Yuno turns her sights on Yukiteru so that she can once again become God and go to another world to be with Yukiteru all over again.  Yeah, I make it sound wordy and convoluted, so here is one of my favorite scenes from the manga that literally yanked on my heartstrings!What can I say, it may have been completely and utterly fucked up, but Yuno and Yuki’s relationship will probably remain with me as one of the best ‘love stories’ ever, if only because of this one scene.  I don’t know, I just really liked the two of them and the way their futures played out.

But that doesn’t mean that the yaoi fangirl in me just rolled over and died!  Nope, Esuno provided lovely material for my mind in the form of one Aru Akise.

I think you can guess which one is Yuki from the facial expressions...

Akise joined the cast of characters at about the same time that Yuki actually made real friends.  He is a self-proclaimed detective who becomes entangled with the Future Diary holders and their game and sets his sights on figuring out the mystery behind Yuno.  While on the pursuit of information regarding Yuno, he finds out that he is not human, but in fact an observer and information gatherer created by Deus.  To avoid getting dismantled, Akise needed to give one example of him exerting free will in order for Deus to recognize him as a free individual.  This reason didn’t work, but damn is it a good yaoi lover’s scene!

Too bad he died in the end…but he did go out in a cool way, all the while trying to tell Yuki the truth about Yuno.

God, that was so sad!  This scene is probably my favorite out of the whole series!

Ah well, that was pretty much my giant, massive ramble about Mirai Nikki.  The story had gaps and could have been fleshed out more, but it was pretty enjoyable.  It was also nice to read another manga where there was gore but not enough to make me turn away from it.  So, go out and read it if it seems like your cup of tea!  As for me, I am going to wait until the anime finishes up and then I will watch it!  Until then, I am stuck listening to that damn opening song over and over and over again.  I can’t stop listening to it!!!

Images are from Mangareader and Zerochan